About the test site

Open to all users
We offer companies the opportunity to test ideas, services and products in collaboration with researchers at Luleå Technical University, Sweden. The testbed is open to all industry players, both large and small as well as all operators, service providers, technology and product suppliers, universities, research institutes and public authorities. The test site allows different actors to both collaborate with other stakeholders in the value chain and also to reach end users.

We can help you, not only with the physical testing, but also in the following areas:

  • Experiment management understanding
  • User involvement, methodologies and tools
  • Experimental technical platform and tools
  • Getting in contact with social and industrial stakeholders with needs for knowledgeable and good solutions
  • Connecting you with ICT and IoT research to improved your experimental capabilities

Technical information
The 5G test site is currently a 5G NR NSA (Ericsson, new radio non standalone) operating at 3.5 GHz and covering the Luleå university area and an EDGE, local break out,  with a connection to a local data center and a 5G indoor system (Ericsson 5G radio dots) at Luleå university premises.

The system is updated with new software releases on a 3-4 month schedule and we plan to have a 5G standalone system by the end of 2020.

The currently available devices are:
  • WNC router which connects 5G and and establishes a WiFi router. It also has a USB-C connection for connecting PC etc.
  • 5G Sony Experia mobile
Both devices run Android which enables the use of Android apps.

Current test bed performance
After the latest upgrade we have now measured 1.9 Gbps in downlink and 800 Mbps in uplink.

Free test tool for 5G performance testing
Below is a link to a SCReAM BW test tool. The tool is good for testing 5G systems, in this case with traffic similar to video. It includes an implementation of SCReAM, a mobile optimised congestion control algorithm for realtime interactive media. SCReAM (Self-Clocked Rate Adaptation for Multimedia) is a congestion control algorithm devised mainly for Video.

How to get and build the SCReAM BW test tool on Linux PC's:
cd ~/somewhere
git clone https://github.com/EricssonResearch/scream.git
cd code/bw-test-tool
cmake .
What needs to be installed in advance is:
gcc (or g++ ?)