Terms and Conditions

Data Retention
We reserves the right to remove any data at any time and/or transfer data to other individuals working on the same or similar project once a user account is deleted or a person no longer has access to the testbed.

Data Modification or Destruction
Users are prohibited from taking unauthorized actions to intentionally modify or delete information or programs. Users must not intentionally introduce or use malicious software.

Proprietary Information
We are not responsible for theft or loss of proprietary information (code, data, etc.) on the testbed.

User Accountability
Users are accountable for their actions and may be held accountable to applicable administrative or legal sanctions.

Monitoring and Privacy
Users have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. We retain the right to monitor the content of all activities on testbed systems and networks and access any computer files without prior knowledge or consent of users, senders or recipients. We may retain copies of any network traffic, computer files or messages indefinitely without prior knowledge or consent. Personnel and users are required to address, safeguard against and report misuse, abuse and criminal activities. Misuse of testbed resources can lead to temporary or permanent disabling of accounts, loss of allocations, and administrative or legal actions.